Silent Meditation with my Grandmothers

My grandmothers, Ilca and Teresa, were talented artisans, incredible cooks and loving mothers. Both grew up and lived their whole lives in completely different environments.

Ilca, born and raised in the west, in the town of Aquidauana - Mato Grosso do Sul, was known for her feminine, elaborated floral crochet pieces, delicate pastries, fruit compotes, homemade candies and tapioca dishes.

Teresa, born and raised in the southeast of the country, Lorena - Sao Paulo, was known for her harmonic and impeccable work as a seamstress as well as her rich bone marrow pudding and savory soups.

Both tended for their crafts the same way they tended for their families, in profound devotion. 

I feel their lives deep in my bones. From stories I heard or even lived myself, to observations captured in different moments of my life. By working with my hands I am invoking and honoring their creative hearts, their gentle faithful spirits.

In this way I feel them close to me and life unfolds the way it should, in deep connection and reverence ... The embroidery that I do, that I have a hard time calling that way, is thousand years away from the impeccable and traditional embroidery done by them with so much grace, but I must embrace it.

I actually love that it came to me much later in life, during the cold winter months of the Northern hemisphere ... It came to teach me the art of patience, to get me going during periods of mental block. Going back and forth with the threads was and still is very soothing, therapeutic ... 

When I work on the Stream Line Collection I'm easily transported to a state of relaxation that enables myself to focus on issues that are asking of me, that need my attention. It wakes me up again & again; it rescues me from my own limitations. The embroidery in a sense helps me to understand the vital work of my grandmothers, the daily aspects of their lives, their humanity. It guides me in understanding my own role unfolding...

I hope you enjoy these creations and feel inspired to go on and create your own stories, craft the crafts that lay deep in your heart. To a meaningful life!

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