Notes of a recent dream: Secret Library

I dreamed about my secret library

located in the basement of a very modest house

I had the impression I've been to this house before...

In the dream the house is h o m e, a recent purchase!

I asked someone to show me the house that was white outside but old inside with walls that needed a fresh coat of paint.

Antonio and I exchanged a few words about the house needing work

soon after that I find myself drawn to the stairs that lead to the basement.

A long hallway with rooms and an expansive 'louge' room with beautiful arched doors open to the Secret Library.

[The simple act of sharing it here gives me chills, and move me as well - I sign that if i put the work I might be able to re-visit]

The library is gigantic, with the highest ceiling I have ever seen.

Hardwood bookshelves, matching stairs and books that create a landscape that's magical and suffocating at the same time.

Freshly waxed hardwood floors reveals old, appreciated imperfections.

I'm left speechless.

Someone informed me that even though the library was open to the public it belonged to me. 

I didn't have a chance to talk to anyone there browsing, reading, studying. And woke up needing to use the bathroom

my memory making exceptions, letting scape very important details. . . 

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  • Susan

    That was amazing. I wake up wanting to read in the middle of my quiet night. thank you for sharing.

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