Spilanthes, I see you

I dreamt about my godfather a week ago. It's the 3rd time this year since he passed away almost 3 years ago. We were very close. Still are.

This time in this dream he wanted to try spilanthes chocolate (the week bofore this dream I was gifted a chocolate with Spilanthes inclusion by a Brazilian friend - her dad makes them bean-to-bar style and it's quite an experience. . .

The first time I dreamt about him I was still in Brazil, it was in August. In the dream he arrives delivering a message about my mom's health. It was a very clear, quick but intense meet-up and I can't stop thinking about him "getting clearance" to come deliver such message to myself.

In the second part of last week's dream I was locking the door, turning the key several times to prevent an evil being (?) from coming in.

It's the second time this week I'm checking doors and locking them to prevent some sort of ill intentioned being from getting in (I have this dream quite often to be honest). 

My son is going through the beginning of a orto-dental treatment and is having a hard time with everything. He is so sensitive... Today for example we were at the dentist for two hours (!) because he wouldn't let them remove the separator from his teeth. Pain and fear. Not surprised Spilanthes showed up in my dreams. I must get some for him hoping he tries it...

Nothing else. Now tell me what stories your dreams are telling? 

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