There is something instinctive + intuitive about working with my hands that transports me to this distant land, the *last meridian* of all imaginary lines; a place where my creative process blooms and allows me to translate to the world my sincere desire for a meaningful sustainable life.

I am a mother, writer, maker, surfer and a student of plants living in Santa Cruz, CA with my family of five. I intentionally handcraft each offering available for purchase. They are a result of mindful ongoing studies, intuitive + vibrant explorations and reverence to the wisdom of the plants and ocean. I have a major in Literature and Languages, and have always nourished a love for all that feeds the spirit and the soul. Writing for me is a healing modality for expression.

In these 15 years living in the US I have contributed my fiction to online magazines, have taken numerous literature classes at NYU, worked as teacher assistant for the special needs students, and as a volunteer at organic community farms in Long Island, NY. 

I tap into the lineage of women and men that I come from to find the wisdom to do the work that I do. Many were farmers, avid gardeners, teachers, writers, musicians, seamstress, carpenters.. People with calous hands and big hearts. 

Last Meridian apothecary line was born in the winter of 2012 as a sensitive way to honor my origins, reconnect me to the earth and the wild, and to guide me in becoming whole. Since then my herbal education has transformed and expanded, and continues to evolve, renew. My current focus in on Alchemical Herbalism (via The School of Evolutionary Herbalism) and the new paradigm of plant medicine ~ shifting my perspective on plants and how I practice.

Offerings are crafted with integrity and respect for nature. Plants are certified organic grown in the garden, wild crafted or purchased from reputable sources when fresh herbs are seasonably unavailable. Our rich emollient oils and butters are fair trade, organic, unrefined and sustainably harvested. Last Meridian Apothecary is dedicated to supporting local, organic growers and farmers dedicated to the support of healthy ecosystems and respect for the earth. Our line is made in small batches, cultivating the old + slow ways of crafting, resulting in formulas that are vibrant and a true blessing to our body, mind and spirit. 


Influences: Portuguese language literature, Brazilian folklore, valleys, wolves + dogs, synchronicity, the cinema, yuca & banana da terra, red dirt, medieval times, fairy tales, urban landscapes, night sky, death & beyond, human resilience, eucalyptus, dream realm (specially those I can't quite grasp), tropical rainforest, family stories and myths, my grandma's crochet, ocean tides, old callous hands and faces, transformation and forgiviness. 


By purchasing a Last Meridian piece, you are making a mindful choice and supporting a handmade artisan. 

Wishing you good vibes + love,
        Isabella Teixeira da Silva Nogueira Kantek