Breu Resin
Breu Resin

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Breu Resin

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Breu (Breu Branco) is an aromatic resin with a fresh and balsamic scent from the Amazon tree Almecegueira, from the same botanical family as Myrr, Palo Santo and Olibano.

The resin has been traditionally used by the forest population for centuries and it is considered sacred. In religious rituals and ceremonies the incense is burned to ward off evil spirits, cleanse the space, promote peace as well as to connect us with our higher selves.

Breu Branco is extracted directly from the tree using sustainable methods of extraction. The collection is made by cutting the stem and letting the resin form. The resin hardens when it comes in contact with the air, remaining grey-ish white.

This is not Breu essential oil, blend or extract. It is the pure resin from the tree.

You will receive 0.3 oz in a cute/reusable muslin bag. 

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